Emergency Dental Care in Denver, CO

Why Wait?

Tooth Pain

The longer you wait, the worse the pain gets. The longer you wait, the greater the damage to your teeth. The longer you wait, the more expensive the dental bill. So why put off getting a dental emergency fixed when you can get it taken care of in just a few hours?

Lowry Main Street Dental offers you same-day appointments so that you can get rid of pain as soon as possible. Call our office at 303-364-6659 to speak to someone immediately.

Is This a Dental Emergency?

If you are undergoing constant dental pain, consult your dentist immediately. Some dental emergencies include:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Tooth loss as a result of an accident
  • Toothaches that prevent you from normal sleeping and eating

Why Choose Lowry Main Street Dental?

Lowry Main Street Dental has a full and versatile staff to help solve your dental emergency. Why visit several specialist offices in Denver when you can just make one stop? Give us a call at 303-364-6659 to schedule an emergency appointment.