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BracesOrthodontists use braces and retainers to straighten crooked teeth and correct a misaligned bite. Abnormal bites are usually first seen in children by age 6, so orthodontic treatment of these problems begins from ages 8-14.  Depending on the severity of the problem, a removable retainer may be all that’s necessary, but most often braces are used to correct bite problems. Traditional braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. The brackets may be metal or tooth colored, and in some cases, they can be placed behind the teeth.

With a little help from orthodontics, you or your child can have a beautiful and healthy smile that will last for years.

Orthodontic Services

Straight Teeth & a Confident Smile

If you are considering straightening your teeth or your children’s teeth, you have a few options:

Braces: Braces consist of metal brackets glued to your teeth, tied together by wires and tiny rubber bands. Treatment time varies, but most children have braces for one to three years, followed by a period of wearing a retainer. As a family-friendly office, we can help determine the best course of action for your child.

Invisalign: Removable trays made of clear plastic are worn over your teeth to subtly and gently align your teeth into the correct position. This option takes a shorter time (anywhere from 6-18 months), but we recommend this treatment for adults only, as it requires self-discipline.

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