Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season

December 13, 2019

We all enjoy the holidays. Not only are we able to unwind with our families, but the holiday season is the perfect time to share home-cooked, hearty meals and delicious sweets!

Even though we all cherish holiday food, some of your favorites are not so friendly for your pearly whites.

Learn more about why you should refrain for our list of holiday “no-no’s” and ask for an extra serving of some of our suggested indulgences.

4 Holiday Foods to Pass on This Year


egg nog with candy canesAlthough it’s creamy texture and frothy residue may be the perfect cure for a crisp winters day, it isn’t great for your smile! Alcohol can dehydrate your body leaving a lack of saliva available to rinse away bad germs.

Planning on going for a virgin eggnog instead? Even so, eggnog is riddled with sugar, which isn’t great for your oral health.

Bubbly Beverages

It’s pretty hard to avoid soda and champagne at a holiday party, but we suggest opting for something that isn’t carbonated. Bubbles in these drinks come from carbon dioxide, which produces carbonic acid, an abrasive enzyme that erodes tooth enamel.

Candy Canes

We all love a spicy peppermint around the holiday season, but don’t let that sweet taste fool you! Candy canes can produce a hotbed of bacteria in your mouth if you allow your teeth to sit in this sugary treat.


Gooey caramel is a staple ingredient in several holiday treats, although if you have ever had a slice of caramel apple pie or caramel-coated popcorn, you know how easily this ingredient can stick to your teeth! Foods that lodge within the cervices of your teeth can be especially dangerous and lead to cavities down the line.

4 Dental Approved Holiday Foods


turkey platter with vegetablesCrispy turkey is a perfectly healthy holiday option that actually promotes strong chompers.

The protein found in turkey contains phosphorus, which helps maintain strong bones and teeth.

Plus, meat in general can lower your risk of periodontal disease, a common gum disorder that plagues over 60 million Americans.

Cheese Plates

Who doesn’t love noshing on a good plate of cheese with loved ones? Cheese helps fight cavities, balance out the pH levels in your mouth, while naturally strengthening your teeth.


Nuts are a favorite around the holidays and a great snack for a healthy mouth! Nuts are filled with calcium and usually offer ridged edges that can wipe away lingering plaque.

Veggie Platters

A nice crudité platter is a great way to rehydrate! Crunchy veggies require a lot of chewing, which helps stimulate saliva production in your mouth while decreasing acidity.

We know you are bound to enjoy a few treats this year that may not be dentist-approved, but don’t forget to brush and floss thirty minutes after eating! As long as your toothbrush is nearby, you can safely go into the new year with a healthy, cavity-free smile.

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