Is Your Mask Giving You Cavities?

May 17, 2021

Dentist wearing mask with patientWearing masks often probably has prompted you to notice some changes. We have noticed an increase in cavities within patients who wear masks for the majority of their day. We stress the importance of wearing a mask at this time, so we have put together some tips to prevent cavities when you wear a mask.

How To Avoid Mask Mouth

  1. Start by sealing your lips and breathing from your nose. Breathing from your mouth can decrease the production and secretion of saliva, which provides an important barrier from bacteria.
  2. Try and make an effort to drink plenty of water. Wearing a mask has resulted in an increase in dry mouth and dehydration. This is not only bad for your oral health, but for your overall health as well.
  3. After eating, floss and brush your teeth. This will help eliminate any excess bacteria that may have grown while your mask was on otherwise.
  4. Try chewing gum to promote saliva. Saliva can coat and protect your teeth and all the tissue that is inside your mouth. Without a large amount of saliva, we see rampant decay and gum disease occur.
  5. The most important step to avoid mask mouth is to visit your dentist for your regular routine cleaning and exam. Your dentist will be able to properly clean your teeth and remove any plaque build-up.

Visit Your Dentist

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